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Technology Ready For The Holidays

Before we all know it, we will be getting ready for that time of year again.  Is it your turn to host?  If so, it is time to start thinking about if your rooms need to be painted, new furniture to buy, do you have enough room for everybody.  In addition to the obvious, you should also be concerned about keeping everyone busy and entertained.

Maybe consider a new TV in the family room.  What is right for you, and for your situation?  Do you have an existing cabinet that you want to keep, and need to figure out how a widescreen TV is supposed to fit in that old square space you have?  There are solutions, and options that you have before just donating that entire cabinet to your local charitable organization.

Once you decide on a TV, then you should think about the audio.  Is a sound bar right for your application, or do you need to replace that old surround sound system you have that never really worked right anyway?

When considering the audio there are also many other things you want to think about.  Not just the sound, but how do you play it?  Imagine someone coming over and they want to play their music on your system for everyone to enjoy.  Rarely today do you bring a record, tape or CD to someone’s house.  With today’s wireless solutions, there is not always a need to dock a music source somewhere and worry if it will be compatible or not.  Does your guest have an iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android or even Windows phone or tablet?  Will it be compatible with my system?  Make sure your Wi-Fi has coverage throughout the house as well. We all use it, and we all know how cell coverage can be spotty.

Lastly, remember whatever decision you do make, you want to make sure to consider your immediate needs, short term needs, as well as your long term desires.  Always make sure to choose a system that will be able to expand into your future plans.  Do you want your system to all be tied into one APP for ease of use, or does it not bother you to have many different APP’s for different controls.  You can have a single system that can control all of your Audio, Video, Lights, Thermostats, Cameras, Intercom and so much more!  Or you can have a multitude of different equipment that will have you trying to remember how to use each one each time you try and use it!  I always say, if it is not easy – you won’t use it!  Make sure to consult with a professional integrator.


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