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Do You Need A Smart TV?

By now you have heard the term “Smart TV”, but what exactly does that mean, and do you really need one?  Just like a “Smart Phone” it is loaded with application possibilities – also known as “apps”.

Your Smart TV is your portal to the internet.  From here you can download not just games, but useful apps as well.  Years ago we all went to the video store to rent or buy movies.  Now you either use your cable provider to rent them, or you can stream movies and TV shows through apps such as Netflix, Amazon or even Blockbuster.  If it is music you enjoy, you can also use your Smart TV to access apps such as Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify and many more as well.

If you are not interested in any of these services, then the question is still why do I need a Smart TV?  I am sure we have all gathered around a computer to watch a funny cat video of some sort on YouTube.  Now you can watch YouTube on your Smart TV.  And we all have family somewhere else in the world that we hardly ever see.  Now many Smart TV’s have USB camera’s built into them, and you can communicate over Skype right at the TV!  Imagine having a TV in your dining room, and on the holidays being able to sit with your entire family having a meal together!  Next month we will discuss ways of hiding that TV in your dining room.

Lastly, make sure the TV has all of the features you need.  Many times it will come with features you don’t need, but that is the TV package.  Just like buying a new car, some packages have the features you want, and others you have to buy even though you will not use them.  Make sure it integrates into your home network.  If you are not sure, consult with an integrator before your purchase.  Remember, if it is not easy – you won’t use it!  Make sure to consult with a professional integrator.


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