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Using Apps For Your Home Technology

By now you either have a smartphone, and you are a pro with it, or maybe you are still not sure if you need anything more than a phone that actually makes phone calls.  Technology is evolving, and if you don’t want to be left behind you probably should have one.  If nothing else you can at least play Candy Crush while in the Dr.’s office, or waiting to have your oil changed!

I have heard many times that I only need a phone for phone calls.  Maybe that is true, but maybe you also don’t really know what it is you are missing!  Playing games on your phone is a good way to kill some time, but you can actually be productive as well.  More importantly, you can utilize apps for enhancing your lifestyle at home.

Sure you can view security camera’s, check on the dog while you are at work, but I would like to share some other ideas with you.  Imagine you just left for a weekend trip, and you forgot to adjust the heating or air conditioning.  You can do that with systems installed in your home.  Not only is this “cool” to show off to your friends, but it will also help you be more efficient.  Get off the plane, and raise the AC so when you get home it is nice and cool.

Lighting control is a simple switch of your existing light switches, and you can incorporate them into an astronomical timer that will automatically turn your outdoor lights on and off without ever needing to set a timer again!  We all hate doing that this time of year, but no more with the right system!

Now imagine anything else in your home with a remote control, and being able to control it from a simple app.  The important thing is to not get caught up in so many different systems that you cannot remember which does what.  Also, remember security – you don’t want anybody to just have access to your home controls either!  Make sure to consult with a professional integrator.


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