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Super Bowl Is Coming!

The holidays are over, and we are all slowly recouping and getting back to our normal routines.  But wait, Super Bowl is around the corner, and if you are hosting, you need to be prepared!

We have all had bad dips, the wings that should not have been made, soggy chips, or maybe even a bad batch of guacamole!  But whatever happens, you cannot be without a big screen, and a great picture.  Now is the time to make sure you will be spared from that embarrassing moment!

If you have a projector, when was the last time the bulb was changed?  Do you even have a spare if needed?  Might be time for a tune up on your system.

Is the audio in good working condition?  If your house is like mine, whoever talks the loudest wins, so make sure the audio can really crank.

Are you still using 5 remotes on your coffee table?   Don’t let your brother in law laugh at you during your Super Bowl party!  Be prepared to show off your system to anyone who asks.  No matter the system you have, if it is not easy to use, then you wasted your money.

Lighting and shades are a great way to impress your friends, as well as control the environment in which you are entertaining.  Imagine controlling them from the same remote control you are raising the volume with.  Now you are becoming the go to house for the Super Bowl party!

If you have a great system, and you are confident it will all work great, consider hosting a Championship Sunday party.  To me, these two games are more exciting than the big game itself.  So much on the line, and the best Sunday of the entire season in my opinion.

Before making that big screen purchase at the local big box store, consider being sure it will all work together seamlessly.  We very rarely here a success story like that after a purchase from a big box store.  We experience many calls right before the big game because of false promises, and/or poor designs.  Make sure to consult with a professional integrator.


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