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So you decided you wanted to control your home, and monitor it remotely from your smart phone.  Great!  Technology is a wonderful convenience when used properly. But just how secure are the devices you are using, and who else might be tapping into your personal home security?

Not to single out any one particular company, but Google recently purchased Nest for 3.6 Billion Dollars (yes that is Billion with a B).  Not because they make great thermostats that are so wonderful, but for reasons you might not be considering.  Think about this, Google paid 3.6 Billion Dollars for a company with at the time had only 360,000 devices in the field!  So why did they pay so much?

Paying that price was not only for the company, but in doing so, Google also just acquired and hired 21 of the world’s greatest proximity engineer’s!  That’s right, the claim to fame with Nest thermostats is they know when you are home and when you are not home.  Now ask yourself, is that information they are only going to use to adjust your thermostats?

Taking it another step forward, Google also recently bought Drop Cam.  Drop cam is a simple easy to use plug and play camera to setup in your home and watch while you are away.  I am not insinuating anything directly here, but add these two things together and ask yourself how you feel about this.

There are many cool ways to integrate and monitor your own home while away from home.  Just be sure to ask yourself who else you want to have that information.  It is wise to make sure you choose the right equipment, and right applications for only your best interest.  Make sure to consult with a professional integrator.


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