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After the winter we had, we all cannot wait to start planning our outdoor barbeques and parties!  Is your backyard and entertainment space ready to host?  Maybe not even for hosting, but even just for your own enjoyment.

Consider bringing your outdoor living space up to the 21st century.  You can do so with some minor updates, or by really stepping up the entertainment portion of your home.

First it starts with a little audio.  If you are considering outdoor speakers, be considerate of your neighbors!  Try and place speakers pointing towards your home instead of your yard and neighbor’s properties.  By putting speakers on your own home, it is often too loud at your patio, not loud enough in your yard, and just annoying enough to your neighbors.  That is not enjoyable for anyone!

Did you ever consider watching TV outside?  Today there are many Outdoor TV options that allow the TV to be outside all year in any weather!  Imagine a nice summer night – instead of just listening to the baseball game, now you can sit outside and watch it at the same time.  Imagine the possibilities for tailgating parties during football season as well.  Outdoor TV’s are much brighter for outdoors.  They are also designed for the elements.  Avoid the mentality that you can just buy a cheap TV and if it lasts a year you are happy.  More than likely it will not even last one season.  Internally, the parts are very different, and you will likely short out a regular TV outside one of the first times you use it!

Lastly of course, is a way to control it all.  Try to avoid using traditional remote controls as they have trouble fighting with the UV rays from the sun.  What might work at night, might not necessarily work during the day.  You should be using a professionally programmed Radio Frequency Remote Control system at least.  Other options are available by using your WiFi as well.

Did you know that we can install WiFi Access Points outside?  If setup properly, an outdoor access point will mesh perfectly with your WiFi in the home, and be seamless when using your devices in the yard and around the home!

There are many cool ways to integrate your entertainment into the outdoors.  It is wise to make sure you choose the right equipment, and right installation for your project.  Make sure to consult with a professional integrator.


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